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Moy Park Chicken Blog - Ghoulishly Good Halloween Treats With Moy Park
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Ghoulishly Good Halloween Treats With Moy Park

Get creative this Halloween in the kitchen and whip up some fang-tastic feasters for your little monsters at home. We’re bringing you quick and simple ideas to celebrate spooky season and help you craft devilish dinners that the whole family will enjoy sinking their teeth into.


Chicken & Mozzarella Ghost Pizza

Ghouls just wanna have fun.

Follow our deliciously easy high protein, minimal effort pizza recipe topped with our delicious breaded chicken steaks! To finish, add some handmade mozzarella ghosts with olive eyes. Afterall, what is Halloween without a little spooky supper?

See the recipe here


Chicken Bite Burgers

It will be love at first bite…

Follow our crispy Southern Fried Chicken Burger recipe and add a wicked touch of Halloween by creating cucumber and carrot eyes on top of your brioche bap. Complete these bloodcurdlingly good bites by simply pulling out some of your burger filling and adding your preferred choice of red or brown sauce to look like little fangs dripping with venom.

See the recipe here


Spider Pie

Weave an eerie-sistible dinner…

We love a seasonal pie, who doesn’t? Create a classically cosy autumn Chicken, Pumpkin and Sage pie for your next Halloween dinner! To caft your creepy spider topping simply make use of any extra puff pastry to roll a body, 8 legs and a few devilish eyes.

See the recipe here


Spooky Stuffed Peppers

Serve up a hauntingly healthy delight this Halloween…

Start by creating our refreshing and hearty Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Chicken with our super easy recipe below. Next carve out your assorted bell peppers with sharp knives to create little spooky Frankenstein or classic pumpkin faces. Fill up your peppers with chicken and bake for 5-10 minutes until tender.

See the recipe here

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