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For 80 years, we've nourished and inspired homes with delicious, quality chicken. 80 years of passion and expertise from farm to fork. Here’s where you’ll get to know us; our history and heritage, our products, our community, our values…and also where you can find lots of inspiration for tasty recipes! Explore, make yourself at home and stay up-to-date with us.

Moy Park Chicken - History
Moy Park - Our Story - Sustainability

The Moy Park Story...

Officially 80 years in business, our expertise and passion for what we do has only grown over the decades. We’re dedicated to supporting not only our local communities, but also charities across NI and the UK.

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Whether you’re planning your grocery list or are new to Moy Park Chicken, we’ve made it even easier to discover and shop our products. We’ve shared the full range and where you can buy them, making your next supermarket run an absolute breeze.

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