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Moy Park celebrates 80th anniversary with ‘This is Home’ charity initiative

Moy Park celebrates 80th anniversary with ‘This is Home’ charity initiative.

Ireland’s number one chicken brand Moy Park is celebrating 80 years of leading expertise with the finest quality produce and is launching a series of initiatives to support local communities in the areas where they operate.

To mark the company’s 80th year, Moy Park has revealed its ‘This is Home’ community initiative to reward 80 homegrown sports clubs, schools and local charities across Northern Ireland and GB.

Moy Park will support 20 grassroots sports clubs with bursaries and sports equipment, celebrating the best of its communities and local talent. In addition, 20 schools will be selected to receive a £500 bursary and 20 charities will be nominated to be surprised with £1000. A further 20 bursaries will be awarded to various organisations, celebrating 20 more key moments in the year.

Moy Park’s success story began in 1943 in the village of Moy, County Tyrone and now the business spans 700 farms across NI and GB, with 12 production sites and 9,000 employees.

The first element of the ‘This is Home’ campaign will see Moy Park revisit some of the charities it has supported over the last 80 years. Employees in the company’s NI and GB sites are being asked to nominate 20 of the charities the company has supported throughout the last 80 years. The nominated charities will then be announced in early September and will each be surprised with a £1,000 donation.

Ellen Wright, Senior Brand Manager said:

“We are so proud to be celebrating our 80th anniversary and there’s no better way to celebrate with the public than to support our local communities and charities, those we place at the heart of our business.

“We’re thrilled to launch ‘This is Home’ and give back to those who’ve supported us throughout the past 80 years of success, as Moy Park has grown to be an integral part of many homes within our communities.

“It will be great to revisit some of the many charities we’ve supported over the years, with many donations made to date towards a variety of very worthy causes.

“Having also just announced our new charity partnership with Sands, the UK’s leading pregnancy and baby loss charity, we’re delighted to have awarded them with the very first of our £1,000 to help support the amazing work they do. We are extremely honoured to have our company-wide partnership with Sands.

“As well as our charity initiative, Moy Park will celebrate 80 years in lots of different ways, including a ‘Home Grown Farmers’ series which has started to play out on our website and social media platforms and our ‘Home for Dinner’ TV campaign due to launch in September, so keep your eyes peeled.”


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