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Moy Park flies high with four great new listings at Tesco NI

We are thrilled to announce that Moy Park has secured a contract to list four new branded coated chicken products with Tesco Northern Ireland.

The new product lines are now available in all Tesco stores across Northern Ireland, and the new lines include Breaded Goujons Mega Pack 700g, Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 2 Pack 260g, Homestyle Hot’n’Spicy Mini Fillets 300g and Breaded Mini Fillets 300g.

This range offers Tesco customers an increase in variety, as Moy Park offers something to suit everyone while bringing affordable and flavourful products to the shelves. Keep your eyes peeled for the new products in store as well as our vibrant point of sale.

Local foodie influencer Belfast Food Blogger will be visiting a local Tesco store to showcase the range and create a delicious recipe with our Moy Park products. He will also be rustling up an Easter themed recipe that will be shared on social media, so stay tuned for some mealtime inspiration!

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