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Moy Park Miles Blog – Nathan

‘Moy Park Miles’ is a collection of interviews that are showcasing some of our wonderful staff as they prepare for Belfast City Marathon this year (you might have heard we’re the title sponsor)!

Up next, we will be hearing everything about our Senior Commercial Manager, Nathan Hart, and how he is getting himself prepared for the Belfast City Marathon.

Hey Nathan, we’d love to hear a little more about yourself.

Thanks for having me! I am Nathan Hart, I’m 34, and I work as a Senior Commercial Manager within Moy Park, so I get to chat to a lot of the people that work with Moy Park to make it so great.

A great job then! Will you be doing the relay or the full marathon?

I am a glutton for punishment, and I do really like running, so I will be doing the full marathon this year.

Wow, well done, you! Do you have any cool facts about yourself?

Well, as you can probably tell from me doing the full marathon, I quite like running. So much so, I have done over one hundred park runs!

Congratulations – that is some achievement! This leads us nicely to our next question: what trainers have helped you on your running journey?

I have had many trusty pairs of trainers over the years but, for race day, there is only one shoe I wear: Nike Alphaflys!

Belfast City Marathon has many people running for worthy causes. Are there any charities you are supporting this year?

Yes, with the rest of the team, I am running for SANDS, the baby loss prevention and support charity.

Wonderful! So, with your training, are there any running routes that you enjoy doing?

I love running in different places, but I think my ultimate favourite is the Viking Way in Lincolnshire.

It sounds like a strong route! Have you been using any apps or a training program to help you train?

As mentioned, I enjoy running and have been doing it for a while now so have enough knowledge to put together some training programs that are effective for my running development. So, I have pulled together my own 15 week plan.

That is incredibly impressive – wow! Do you have any mantras or quotes that help get you through those harder runs?

Well, only one really: ‘Shut up legs, we got this!’.

We feel you on that – we have to remind our legs of that every time we go running. Any inspirational songs that you will use to keep you motivated in the marathon?

The marathon day is really special, so I don’t think I will be listening to any songs. Rather, I am going to be soaking up that incredible atmosphere that we will luckily have in Belfast.

Last question, any Moy Park Chicken foods that are helping you with your training?

I am all about the Texas Chicken Nachos to help me fuel up.

We’re going to have to try these tonight. Thanks for having a chat to us, Nathan, and wishing you the best of luck in your marathon training!

Want more marathon training tips and like getting to know our team? Make sure to check back next week to discover from Maz to hear how they’re preparing for their great Belfast run!

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