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Win Your Weekly Shop Competition: Winners

We were absolutely blown away by the response to our Win Your Weekly Shop competition: we were delighted to have over 7,000 entries across the UK and Ireland. A huge thank you to everyone who purchased in-store and entered, and congratulations to all 80 of our winners - we hope you enjoy your prizes!

This is the first competition I've won - I'm so happy! I will be doing the grocery shopping with the voucher - Thank you! - Rosie

I buy a lot of Moy Park - I'll definitely use the voucher to buy more! - Coreen

This will help in a big way with the weekly shop for the next while. A huge thank you to Moy Park - Tom

I was thrilled to win a €100 voucher - I never win anything! A huge thanks to Moy Park - I can't wait to spend it with my loved ones! - John


Surname Country
Curtin Ireland
Doyle NI
Pilarska NI
Heslin Ireland
Maughan Ireland
Harrison GB
Williamson NI
Macdonald NI
Swan GB
Warner GB
O'Farrell GB
Clifford Ireland
Chen GB
Moat GB
Gorman Ireland
Graham GB
Brennan Ireland
Whelan Ireland
Donnachie Ireland
Graham GB
Fitzpatrick Ireland
Duffy Ireland
Gray Ireland
Hayden Ireland
Corcoran Ireland
Gedgaudas GB
Lillie GB
George NI
Farman GB
Griffiths Ireland
Haffenden GB
Thompson NI
Dallat Ireland
Mitilineou GB
Coyle Ireland
McIlvanney GB
Clery Ireland
O'Rourke Ireland
Whelan Ireland
Feltham GB
Lappin NI
McAdam Ireland
McAteer NI
Hong Ireland

*The competition winners listed above have given their consent for their details to be published. Please note, all winners have now been contacted via mobile and email.

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