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Our Sustainability Efforts

Here at Moy Park Chicken, one of our goals is to protect the planet and create a greener future.

Our Efforts

Here at Moy Park Chicken, one of our goals is to protect the planet and create a greener future. It’s a top priority for us to run our business not only ethically, but also sustainably. We work closely with our suppliers, communities, customers and government bodies to make a positive contribution in everything we do. For further information on our sustainability approach, visit our sustainability page.

Our Current Sustainability Efforts

It’s our mission to create a better future from farm to fork, for our communities and for our planet. We aim to achieve this through the following actions:

From Farm to Fork

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Instilling farming practices that support low carbon production
  • Ensuring the highest possible standards of animal welfare
  • Electrifying the fleet

For Our Community

  • Nurturing our community partnerships
  • Building key relationships with business schools and universities
  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Supporting beneficial charities
  • Promoting inclusivity, diversity and shared values

For Our Planet

  • Reduced water usage
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Reduced packaging
  • Reduced food waste
  • Deforestation - free supply chain
  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Circular economy
  • All with the goal of leading our industry to net zero status by 2040

Net-Zero Target

We are committed to achieving net zero status by 2040, which will reduce greenhouse gas production across our chains. We have created a list of actions that will enable us to reduce the environmental impact across water, energy, biodiversity and waste, in order to minimise our impact on the planet and maximise our sustainability efforts.

How do we plan to do this, you ask?

  • Introducing processes to reduce emission production
  • Creation and funding of regeneration projects
  • Heighten our sustainability measures throughout all of our facilities
  • Guarantee of a greener supply chain
  • No clearing or conversion of forest areas
  • Reductions across food waste, water usage and product packaging
  • Best-in-class farming practices to ensure animal welfare
  • All of the above allows us to meet the health and nutritional needs of our growing population

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