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Buffalo wrap

Are you ready to create the ultimate wrap? Then check out this beauty – our Buffalo Wrap. Filled with Moy Park chargrilled chicken, streaky bacon and topped with golden cheese! Best yet – this beauty only takes 10 minutes to cook!

5 Minutes
Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cook Time
4 People


  • 3 wraps
  • 80g Grated mature cheddar cheese
  • 80g Grated red Leicester cheese
  • 1 pack  Moy Park cooked chargrilled chicken mixed with 150ml Buffalo sauce
  • 1 pack cooked streaky bacon - cut into small pieces
  • 60g Blue cheese crumbled


  1. Pre heat to 200°C/Fan 180°C/Gas 6.
  2. Mix cheeses and place half on the bottom of a cold frying pan.
  3. Place a wrap on top and add sprinkle with bacon pieces.
  4. Place another wrap on top of bacon and top with buffalo chicken mix and crumbled blue cheese.
  5. Place the last wrap on top and cover with the other half of the grated cheese.
  6. Place in the oven for 10 minutes and until heated throughout.
  7. Remove with oven and cut into wedges to serve.